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Ramji also known as “Location Guru” began his professional career as a fashion model in his late teens, debuted as a hero in a Telugu film in the 1980’s, and acted in about 40 films. After a few years, he realized that he was going nowhere and joined the travel industry. He later found that he didn’t enjoy working for others and wanted to do something on his own and then he originated with this idea of identifying different exotic locations which were still unexplored and which provided same beauty and natural flavor to the location which Film producers demanded and at same time were highly cost friendly as well.

He started arranging for shootings in South Asian countries. He started looking at places round the globe. He took director Shankar to Australia to shoot a song for Kamal Haasan in the blockbuster Indian film. He also took Shankar to Machu Pichu, for a song in Endhiran (The Robot) and to China for “I”. He started adding up many European countries. He had been to 110 countries so far. There are also some countries which got rejected by Ramji as he realised that those countries won’t work for our films.


Mr. Pritesh Doshi is a commerce graduate having good accounting background by having worked with Dilip Thakur and Co., a CA Firm. He has also done his 3 years GNIIT Course from NIIT, Mumbai and also done Oracle 9i course. Presently he looks after the accounts, staff management and administration department of the company.

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Mr. Harish Mallaya Mugully is also one of the Director in Rribada Films Private Limited and has a rich experience of 25 plus years in Bollywood as Camera & Lens Supplier.